ZenNxt media server for entertainment

Crisp System bring to you the ‘ZenNxt’, a media server for entertainment on the go. Zen Nxt is a media server that allows users to access movies, songs, videos, games, and documents on the go. The best part about the product is that it doesn’t need an internet connection.

The ZenNxt device acts as a router and allows users to connect their own devices to the Zen Nxt device and get entertained. The device works with a basic DC 12v supply. Zen Nxt can be accessed on the go, including while traveling in a car, bus, or any other vehicle. It works without the need to install an app and the entertainment can be accessed on the browser.

ZenNxt also has a provision to be tethered to the television. Multiple users can access the range of entertainment at once, through various devices such as mobile, tab, laptops etc.

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