IoT Solutions

Design and development

Crisp System has worked on projects that include conceptualization, schematic design, PCB design, embedded programming.


Crisp System develops websites/mobile apps that provide automation services to decrease the interference of humans to manage.


Integrating and consolidating multiple instruments / Systems in the field of Embedded/IOT.


Crisp System supports all processor technologies, bus architectures, communication protocols, wireless communication
The IoT or the Internet of Things has become ubiquitous. from homes to office space, IOT is being embraced everywhere across the world. IOT is making the world grow smarter than ever before. However, the full potential of IoT can be gauged by business only by understanding the value it could provide by overcoming challenges.

The Innovative IoT Solutions provided by Crisp System facilitates businesses to transform effortlessly and lets them outgrow their competition. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, IoT Solutions from Crisp generates value and growth to the business
The end-to-end solutions provided by us empowers smart industries, smart living, and smart enterprises. By connecting assets, operations, and services, our IoT solutions deliver a seamless connected experience. Crisp System is one of the very few players in the market that has high expertise in all areas of IoT adoption, and our clients receive end-to-end solutions from a single vendor with maximum potential and expertise in the field.

Our IoT Solutions help our customers in the following ways

  • Competence to connect and scale efficiently.
  • The process, analyze, and act on data.
  • Mobile starter with voice feedback.
  • Consolidate the business processes and transform.
  • Improved decision making.
  • Design, develop, integrate, and expand with end-to-end IoT processes.
  • Seamlessly incorporate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture

Other Services

Web & Mobile Application


Embedded & Electronic Manufacturing